MARi – Treasure


Elevate Entertainment

The track, “Alive,” sums up so much about “Treasure.” It’s a high energy, life is good, praising God sort of album. The soundtrack takes you all over the globe with some dance tracks, hip-hop, and a bit of Latin spice as well.

Songs like “Everybody’s Dancing” are truly infectious and the message is perfectly clear as well. Take “Shine Bright” for an example, its dance beats and edifying message of being a bright star, filed with God’s goodness and grace, is very uplifting. An excellent combination.

My favorite tracks though are definitely the ones where the Latin influence is much more prevalent. That would be, “Estoy Bien,” and “Que Todo Mundo Sepa.” Admittedly, I failed miserably at Spanish in college, but that does not mean I cannot have an appreciation for the language. The songs are just so good that I may actually learn a bit of Spanish from them.

The title track, “Treasure,” is more emotive and much more subdued musically, but MARi’s tender vocals are touching. It is also a very personal testimonial song that touches your heart. Similar is “I Believe in Jesus,” another touching melody.

Another slower song, and my personal favorite, is “I Believe in Jesus.” You’ve no doubt heard similar lyrics, but the intensity of which MARi sings this song is truly moving.

I think you’ll be blown away by the creativity of “Hear My Roar.” It’s a good concluding song that exemplifies her bold approach to her music.

I really love the diversity of this album and I think it is well worth checking out. For starters, check out

– Ken W.

Cana’s Voice – This Changes Everything


Cana’s Voice
This Changes Everything

Cana’s Voice first release has been riding the top of the charts already and with the lineup it is no surprise. While the band is new the members are industry veterans – Jody McBrayer (formerly of Avalon), vocalist TaRanda Greene and Doug Anderson (formerly of Signature Sound).

Their new adult-contemporary/inspirational release, “This Changes Everything,” highlights well their vocal abilities. They harmonize very well and together they are a fresh perspective lyrically.

Some of my favorites include the biblical story of “Love Anyway,” the southern gospel sounding “There is a Mountain,” the spiritually uplifting “Holy Spirit Come Fill this Place,” and “Hello Fear” with its slight R&B styling.

For those who enjoy the more vocal centered and inspirational musical styling will surely enjoy “This Changes Everything.” For more on Cana’s Voice check out their official website at

– Ken W.

Imari Tones – Revive the World


Imari Tones
Revive the World

While I was not aware the genre existed in Japan, Imari Tones, a Christian heavy metal band from Japan, has been around by name for quite some time. I was recently sent a review copy of their latest release, “Revive the World.”

I was immediately drawn to the nostalgic hair-band metal that I grew up with. The opening guitar riff on “Unlimit” was all it took for me to want to hear more. They continue to shred it up throughout the entire CD, but a few of my favorites are “Ripping Through Hell,” the acoustic-rock ballad “Invisible Rain,” and the scorching hot “Born to Ride.”

Between their shreds and Christ-centered lyrics, I was thoroughly impressed.

If you’re looking for something a bit edgy on the soundtrack and something you’ll not commonly find on the shelves at your local Christian bookstore, then I would highly recommend checking out Imari Tones ( Their latest CD is available for a mere $7.00 on their website.

– Ken W.

The Rubyz – I’ll Follow You


The Rubyz
I’ll Follow You

iShine has re-branded the Rubyz with a newly outfitted lineup of young ladies. The new group has a very similar sound as before and most importantly; the focus remains strongly on a biblical worldview. From the confidence inspiring “Breathtakingly Beautiful” to the call to action in “ONE” the message is quite clear and relevant. It’s a short EP, but truly packed with a meaningful message and uplifting (fun) music. It also includes a familiar Christmas tune – “Angels We Have Heard on High.”

For more on the Rubyz, check out

– Ken W.

Jason Gray


Jason Gray
Where the Light Gets In
Centricity Music

Jason Gray has come a long way on Centricity. I recall his earlier days when he spoke of serious writers block and confidence issues. If those concerns still exist, it is very hard to tell from this side of the radio. Gray consistently produces album after album of fresh perspectives on a daily walk of faith.

In particular, I love the new “Sparrows” which takes a well-known and often cited passage and puts it to a catchy new tune. It is a reminder of how much we can trust and hold on to a loving God in times of trouble.

“I Will Rise Again” is another pick-me-up song that grabs onto the victory we have in Christ. It has a nice battle-march like tune that enhances the emotions of the lyrics.

The new album is 13 tracks long so there is no shortage of encouragement and good music. Check out his official website for more on “Where the Light Gets In” and some upcoming tour dates.

– Ken W.