Imari Tones – Revive the World


Imari Tones
Revive the World

While I was not aware the genre existed in Japan, Imari Tones, a Christian heavy metal band from Japan, has been around by name for quite some time. I was recently sent a review copy of their latest release, “Revive the World.”

I was immediately drawn to the nostalgic hair-band metal that I grew up with. The opening guitar riff on “Unlimit” was all it took for me to want to hear more. They continue to shred it up throughout the entire CD, but a few of my favorites are “Ripping Through Hell,” the acoustic-rock ballad “Invisible Rain,” and the scorching hot “Born to Ride.”

Between their shreds and Christ-centered lyrics, I was thoroughly impressed.

If you’re looking for something a bit edgy on the soundtrack and something you’ll not commonly find on the shelves at your local Christian bookstore, then I would highly recommend checking out Imari Tones ( Their latest CD is available for a mere $7.00 on their website.

– Ken W.

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