Switchfoot – Where the Light Shine Through


Where the Light Shine Through
Vanguard Records

The latest release from Switchfoot finds them full circle regards to being on an independent label. During their career, the music industry has been turned on its head by illegal music sharing to the current trend of free streaming and buying one-track at a time online.

Through it all, they have consistently produced quality music and garnered great recognition. The band tenacity and hard work has paid off and I am glad to see that they can now have more control over their brand.

With that said though, I do not think that much has changed for them musically because they have never appeared to compromise their art for the sake of business goals, but I do think that being independent will give them more freedom to present their music as they wish.

The title track shows where their hearts are for the listener, and if you follow that up with “The Day that I Found God” and “Hope is the Anthem,” I believe you get a good sense of a genuine faith in something more than ourselves.  “Looking for America” is timely as our current culture appears to be spinning more and more out of control these days. The song features Lecrae and the message it conveys will challenge what we define as American pride. It is a song that will make you think deeply about what we value, but sadly, in my opinion, what we value is not what God values and so we continue to be lost as we’re ‘looking for America.’

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– Ken W.

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