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Group 1 Crew
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It is interesting how quickly we can get wrapped up in ourselves and what we think gives our lives value. Even when working in the ministry we can quickly elevate the ministry over the God who empowers us to carry on said ministry.

Behind the latest release from Group 1 Crew is a similar story, as stated by Group 1 Crew front-man Manwell Reyes; “Somehow I got wrapped up in the idea that God loved me because I was selling records or because I was on tour. When the shows stopped, I thought God’s love for me also came to an end and people didn’t care what I had to say off stage.” He further sums up his revelation in this way, “Music is what I do but it’s not who I am.”

Reading that changes your perspective when you take in the lyrics on songs like “20-20” and “Wake Me Up.” I found these to be fairly introspective songs. Other tracks on the album that really stand out are “Download,” “Burn,” and “Hold Back the Rain.”

All-in-all, the new songs are intimate, profound and carried through musically with a fresh mix of Hip-Hop, pop and R&B.

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– Ken W.

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