Jon Bauer – The Light in Us


Jon Bauer
The Light in Us
Crossway Records

This new album is just amazing from start to end. It is so full of biblical wisdom and the over-all light tones of the soundtrack are as comforting as the lyrical content. It’s personally uplifting, “You Just Want My Heart,” and challenging, “Where the Sidewalk Ends” all at the same time. The production is really incredible as well. The fullness of songs like “Lord Say Something” really drive home the message. Overall, the production values make the whole CD a joy to listen to from beginning to end. It’s hard to listen to the rousing closer, “Starts with Us,” and not be up lifted.

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– Ken W.

Mystic Chapel

mystic chapel Cover

Mystic Chapel
The Project

“Mystic Chapel” is a very reflective and artistic project. The subtle, atmospheric, tones are quite suitable for private worship. I like how the sounds fill the room with an air of reverence and the lyrics uplift the trinity. In some ways, the songs are like contemporary psalms with a more alt-praise soundtrack. A few of my favorites are “We Sing with Angels,” a deeply meaningful admiration of the savior Jesus, and the acoustic prayer, “Holy Father.” Then there is the more electrified “Hypachoi,” with its cosmic guitar driven sound.

The project is Michael Glen Bell and Duane W.H. Arnold. Below is an excerpt from the news release concerning, “Mystic Chapel.” For more on The Project visit

– Ken W.

Press Release:

We offer this album, Mystic Chapel, as a “love letter” of sorts. We’re sending it out to the faithful, to the “nones”, to the “dones” and to all those in between. There’s no promo, no hype, just a journey, offered in music and story. We recognize, however, that this is but our journey. Travel with us, but find a journey to make your own, for the Mystic Chapel is not a place that you can find on a map, it is an encounter that takes place in the soul. It is an encounter that may, for each of us, bring an answer to the question, “What if we still believed?”. – The Project (Michael Glen Bell & Duane W.H. Arnold)