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All Sons & Daughters
Poets & Saints
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The new album from All Sons & Daughters is a reflective album that blends traditional hymns with a more modern soundtrack. The stories behind each song have historical significance as the duo traveled to Europe with a handful of friends to create a collaborative project that looked deep into the lives of people like “C.S. Lewis, Saint Patrick, John Newton, Saint Thérèse, Saint Francis, William Cowper, Saint Augustine, George MacDonald.”

The historical significance is heard throughout the lyrics and I truly enjoy the King James style of language they implement on a few of the tracks. For the most part, the album is very reflective and meant to educate and inspire by means of relating key figures in Christian living to our own lives. When I listen to songs like “Rest In You” and “I Wait” I am force to reconcile my own conditions with others who have truly suffered affliction and still held fast to God’s mercy and grace. I believe patience is the word most fitting.

The associated book, Poets and Saints: Eternal Insight, Extravagant Love, Ordinary People, and the video-based lessons, Poets & Saints: A Community Experience, are a complete package designed to work in concert with each other. A concert of prayer and study. Leslie Jordan, one-half of the All Sons & Daughters duet describes it this way; “Our hope is that in this music, book and curriculum, people will find connection, with one another and connection with God,” says Jordan. “A place of vulnerability and discovery where there is freedom and forgiveness… conversations that generate spiritual health, a ripple effect that changes people’s lives.”

It’s a significant project that goes beyond the surface of the typical entertainment level of music today. For more on “Poets & Saints” check out

– Ken W.

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