Love & The Outcome – These Are the Days


Love & The Outcome
These Are the Days
Word Records

I have developed a great respect for this duo over the past year as I’ve watched them grow as a family from stage and from their social media. Their latest release, “These are the Days”, is a pleasing bit of fresh air. I love the upbeat style of music and the mellow tones of the vocals. Combined with the depth of the lyrics, it makes for a great CD. It’s very inspirational, with expressive songs like “Good Life,” “If I Don’t Have You,” and one of my favorites, “Gates.” This song speaks of breaking free from the bondage of life as we press in to God and push through the gates to His love. The opening track, “Strangers,” is a rousing tune that I believe is indicative of their energetic live performances. “These are the Days” is an all-around joy for Love  The Outcome fans. For more, check out

– Ken W.

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