The Neverclaim – Encounter


The Neverclaim
Radiate Music

The title speaks volumes of what this album is, which is a worship centered encounter with our Great God. Recorded live, Encounter, is a high-energy worship set proclaiming the victory in Christ, “Our God Wins,” and the joy, hope and freedom that can be found in Christ – “Through Christ.” The CD also contains a modern classic, “Breath,” which is one of those songs I believe help start the modern worship movement not so long ago. It’s been a long time since I have heard this song performed so it was cool to come across it again on this album. And for the more traditionalist, the CD closes with “How Great Thou Art.” A traditional hymn that has always inspired awe and reverence for God’s power and grace and our heartfelt response to his greatness. While the majority of the soundtrack has a more contemporary, guitar-laden, soundtrack, the addition of such a classic as this was greatly appreciated. For more on The Neverclaim and “Encounter,” check out

– Ken W.

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