Matt Redman – These Christmas Lights


Matt Redman
These Christmas Lights

“These Christmas Lights” is heavily original with a few traditional holiday songs mixed in as well. The album focuses heavily on Redman’s usual style of worship and the songs draw you with their heartfelt message of the savior. It is interesting to read what lengths Redman went in writing for this album;

“I don’t want to just tell a story; I want to make sure that we put ourselves in the story too. To help with the songwriting on this record, I went on a retreat to Israel. We reenacted, walking through the old roads that Jesus would have walked, going to some of the key places where key events of the gospel happened when Jesus walked this Earth. Thinking a lot about Him coming as a little newborn baby,” shares Redman. “We worked very hard on this record. I’m so grateful and aware of the collaboration, the team effort. Lots of people just digging deep, bringing their creativity, time and gifting their experience on this record. There’s definitely a sense of family, collaboration and friendship.”

One of my favorites is “Help from Heaven” which features Natasha Bedingfield. It’s a beautiful song lyrically and when you add her angelic voice it’s a lovely combination. Overall the album has a very lofty soundtrack and the depth of the original content make it a great new addition to this year’s Christmas offerings.

– Ken W.

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