Bifrost – Lamentations

Gospel Song Union

Bifrost is a Virginia based musical collective of worship artist. The new album is just one piece of a ministry that is designed to equip the church with powerful and vertical worship music. I believe that the independence from the normal “artist” model gives them an advantage when it comes to songwriting. The focus is more on who the lyrics are about rather than who is singing them.

A few of my favorites are “Rise Up,” as the vocals on this song are complimented by a tender piano tune. Then there is the organ based “O God Will You Restore Us.” A contemporary song that is accompanied by a subdued organ sounding soundtrack. Lastly, the more acoustic “In Labor All Creation Groans.” These are just a few of the songs that stood out, but overall the whole album is so unique that each track stands on its own.

Overall I love the tranquility of the soundtrack and the upward focus of the lyrics.

For more on Bifrost check out the Gospel Song Union link below.

– Ken W.


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