Skylar Kaylyn -This is Love

Skylar Kaylyn
This is Love

“This is Love” is Skylar’s third independent CD. Before the album even released I was impressed with her drive and dedication to her ministry. I was impressed with her grassroots efforts to promote the album and I feel ashamed that I did not respond accordingly. The album released back in October 2016 and I am just now getting around to writing a review.

At first listen, I was impressed with the production values and the consistency of the quality of musicianship from track to track. It is a tender pop-driven album with personal reflections and spiritual truths throughout the lyrics. As a father of three young ladies, I can see where many of these songs could have a positive influence on young listeners. The spiritual maturity of “This is Love,” “Forever and Always,” and I Will Wait” are a refreshing point of view in light of what pop culture usually promotes when it comes to “love.”

Skylary’s Christ-centered approach is prevalent throughout the CD and while much of it revolves around relationships, there is also a fair amount of trust and devotion to a good God – “My Hope.” It is a message that we can never hear too many times, and if you’re looking for something encouraging and uplifting for either young daughters or your precious wife, this album is an excellent choice.

– Ken W.

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