ToddO – My Precious Limp

My Precious Limp

I have always been impressed with the unique style of synthpop that Todd0 has used on his recordings. In the past I’ve compared it to the likes of Joy Electric which goes way back in CCM. It’s a very progressive sound that’s invigorating and thought-provoking.

By bluntly addressing his personal failings, Todd0 has managed to hit on several hot topics that we all struggle with. Whether it’s confronting the idols in our lives in “Everybody Wants to Be a Rock Star,” to the truth of character revelations in “Time,” it is difficult not to feel a bit of self-conviction in the lyrics.

It’s amazing how we convince ourselves that we’re “ok” and we can handle things, but eventually our sin is brought to the light – “I Knew That I’d Get Caught.” And then there’s the general hollowness of apologies without true repentance – “Sorry is a Stupid Word.” Apologizing is a good place to start, but without repentance and conviction we’re apt to hit replay on our destructive behaviors.

The good news though is that Christ is a healer and He promised the Holy Spirit as a guide. A bit of conviction can be a good thing in our sanctification process. “Glory, Glory, Glory”

The Lord gets the glory / Love is His story / He made me again better than I was before /

“My Precious Limp” has spoken to my own shortcomings in many ways and it has driven home the absolute necessity of a Christ-centered focus in life. If you’re interested in hearing “My Precious Limp” (and more), check out

– Ken W.

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