Welcome to Nimisilla Park

Nimisilla Park
Welcome to Nimisilla Park
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Welcome to Nimisilla Park is the product of more than two decades of pain, misery, divorce and wandering in the desert until “reconciliation and renewal” of their original mission brought former D.O.C. (Disciples of Christ) founders to come back together under the new moniker – Nimisilla Park. The band has chosen to use this name as it was the name of the park they hung out in growing up in Canton, Ohio.

The new album has a nostalgic hip-hop and rock soundtrack and some clearly unapologetic lyrics that reflect their new-found passion for God’s calling on their lives. In “Ode to Jeremiah,” they speak of how this passion “burns” in their hearts. In “Snitch” they sing forcefully and unapologetic about sharing the gospel message that’s changed their own lives so much. One of my favorite songs is “Pour” as it blends their rhyming skills with a very bold soundtrack of crashing drums, guitars and more. It’s just one of many heart-pumping songs on the album.

It is a cool album. Its lyrical clarity is a plus in my book, but for the more poetry-centered hip-hop fan it may not be as pleasing. It’s good middle ground with its gospel focused message.

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– Ken W.

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