Grayson-Reed – Walk

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The new album from husband/wife duo Grayson-Reed is like a peppy ‘walk’ in the spring, joyful and uplifting. The pop-infused lyrics are sincerely a joy to listen to.

It’s no surprise when you consider the background of the duo. Mike Grayson was the frontman of Mikescahir and Molly Reed was a member of City Harbor and she’s written top songs for artist like Francesca Battistelli and Colton Dixon (to name a few), that closely follow this same upbeat pop sound.

Their lead single, “Fight For You,” is especially close to me as a husband who knows that putting effort into a marriage, while it seems obvious, is not always something we put enough energy into when our lives get too busy. I found this song to be a good reminder of how my marriage is worth ‘fighting’ for as they say.

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– Ken W.

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