Kari Jobe -The Garden

Kari Jobe
The Garden

The new release from Kari Jobe, “The Garden,” has come out at the top of the charts debuting at the Number 7 Best Selling albums the first week (Billboard). It is no surprise, as all her previous work has been so well received and she continues to inspire with her heartfelt lyrics and tender tones. I just listen to a song like “Let Your Glory Fall” and I am entranced by the spirit of the song.

The depth of the worship is amplified by the background story, as Jobe shares of some very close and personal losses in her immediate family that inspired much of the album. Quoting from a previous press release;

“This album was written out of experiencing God’s closeness, goodness and mercy even through a season of great loss for my family,” shares Kari Jobe about the inspiration behind ‘The Garden.’ “He can redeem any situation we are going through. I was reminded of His desire for intimate, real relationship with us like He had originally designed back in Garden of Eden. If we look up and around us, we will realize that God has been tending to the details of our hearts and souls throughout our entire lives. He is much like a gardener, knowing what to prune and what seeds to sow that will grow in due season and be life-giving to us. The Garden is all about seeing the beauty and kindness of God in the midst of the difficulties. He’s not distant or disconnected from our pain; in fact, He’s been right here the whole time, turning ashes into beauty.”

It’s an amazing story and it gives me chills to know this and then listen to a song like “Miracles.” It’s impossible not to be moved by this song when you consider the heart of the story. The album closes with “On the Throne,” a good reminder that no matter what, God prevails. While we walk through trials, God is there and He can give us the strength to overcome. It’s a beautiful song with so much wisdom and truth.

Check out for more information and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can stream the album for free.

– Ken W.

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