Zach Williams – Chain Breaker

Zach Williams
Chain Breaker
Essential Records

You have no doubt been hearing from Zach Williams if you listen to Christian radio considering it’s been 15 weeks at #1 on the charts. While the title track, “Chain Breaker,” is wildly popular, there is more to the album than just one song. There’s an all-out party packed in this album.

The party continues with “Old Church Choir,” and the spirited “My Liberty,” where Williams sings of freedom in Christ and a personal revival spiritually. It’s that general thought that continues to the aptly named “Revival.” It’s a great theme, when we’re feeling defeated, as Williams sings about, God gives us the strength we need.

It all adds up to a lively and encouraging album well worth the accolades that have been pouring over it.

– Ken W.

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