Casper McCloud – Faitfulness

Casper McCloud
FAITHFULNESS Caspar McCloud Anthology 1988 – 2016
SnT Records

Described as “Revelation Rock,” McCloud’s repertoire takes me back to the guitar driven sounds of the late 80’s. “Faithfulness” is perfect for the guitar enthusiast like myself. These songs remind me of my youthful exuberance and aptitude towards air-guitar. The lyrics are simplistic, but pointedly gospel-centered. It’s a combination that I enjoy immensely. There’s nothing like the power ballad.

“Faithfulness” is 10 tracks long and spans from ’98 – the 2016 remake of “Mind of Christ.”

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– Ken W.

Track Listing

01 I Need the Lord 1988
02 Mind of Christ 2016
03 Faithfulness 1998
04 Holy, Holy Love 2008
05 Jesus Loves You 2008
06 True Love Waits 2001
07 Back Slider 2001
08 Simple Gifts 2001
09 Sacrifice of Praise 2012
10 Presence of Our Lord 1998

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