Steven Malcom

Steven Malcom
Self Titled
Word Records

I am definitely not the leading authority when it comes to Rap and Hip Hop music, but as with most styles of music, I have an appreciation for the art. In the case of Steven Malcom’s self-titled debut, I can appreciate his art of poetry and prose. It reminds me of what was once before referred to as ‘underground’ and artist like Tunnel Rats, Propaganda, and Pigeon John.

Malcom’s background and life experiences mirrors those of some of his predecessors as well. It’s an amazing story of once being lost in life’s struggles and temptations, to being redeemed and renewed with the spirit of God. One thing that was mentioned in Malcom’s bio that stood out was that shortly after embracing his new faith, he was asked about pursuing his music and he wisely declined and took a year to focus on his faith first. In his own words, “…, so I took a year of learning the Scriptures and really getting grounded.” That’s extremely important and a very wise decision.

Now on to the music. I particularly like the second track, “Fire,” with its hint of roots reggae. The song “Party In the Hills” with Andy Mineo and Hollyn is a diversion from the usual underground rap. This song is described as “west coast” and it has a more pop-rap sound. On “Six Four,” Malcom uses a culture reference (the Six-Fo Impala) to possibly describe his new found enthusiasm that’s fueled by his faith, proclaiming that when he hits the stage the game is on. Lastly, I had to listen to this over and over again, but Malcom actually raps about breakfast on “Cereal.” He really likes his breakfast cereal.

Finally, Malcom is on a mission to be the best Christian rapper and with the new album and label backing, he’s ready to hit the pavement and take the music to the masses. I admire his enthusiasm and drive to evangelize with the help of his God given talents. It’s a commendable mission. Check out Malcom’s official website at

– Ken W.

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