Laura Story – Open Hands

Laura Story
Open Hands
Fair Trade/Columbia

The latest from songwriter Laura Story has already been impacting the charts with her lead single, the title track, “Open Hands.” This song includes guest collaborator Mac Powel (Third Day). It is a catchy song sure to inspire. As a parent, I immediately connected with “Give You Faith.” I like how she’s taking a common parental desire and put it to such a tender song. There is so much truth and wisdom in this song. For me this is the highlight of the album because I can connect with her on this personally. I also appreciate the fusion of old and new on “For the Love of My King,” a heartfelt song of adoration towards King Jesus. Lastly, I think the song “Every Word You Breath” sums up well the overall theme of the project; God’s character is honorable and his love is abounding. For more on Laura Story and “Open Hands,” check out her official website at

– Ken W.

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