Aaron Shust – Love Made A Way

Aaron Shust
Love Made A Way
Centricity Music

This album is so flawless that aside from the applause between songs, you would have a hard time knowing that it was a live recording. The title and cover art do not even give it away and if you were to just listen to the songs you would think that it was simply a greatest hits project.

However, when you dig deeper, you find out that it is live and that it is more than Shust’s greatest hits. The song selection was very deliberately picked for this live recording. Shust purposely picked songs that would create a powerful night of worship. Also, the standards chosen, like “My Savior My God,” were not performed exactly as they were originally recorded. The live album gave Shust a chance to stretch his creativity a bit more and to build upon an atmosphere of worship that he finds invigorating as he tours.

There was another purpose behind the recording, that being a “celebration.” A celebration of a decade of recording and performing. It’s a mark well worth celebrating and I admire how Shust turned that into a night of worship (forever recorded) instead of a project that simply touts his own accomplishments.

It is most evident in “My Hope Is In You,” one of my favorite tracks on the new project. The fullness of the audience singing along can clearly be heard on this track and to me it is one of the most inspiring songs on the album. Along with the emotive “God Of Brilliant Lights,” and the rawness of “Cornerstone,” which was recorded spontaneously, further embodying the overall worship experience.

In conclusion, “Love Made A Way” is a meaningful testament to Shust’s 10 year anniversary.

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– Ken W.

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