Mercy Me – Lifer

Mercy Me
Fair Trade/Columbia

The new album from Mercy Me is chock-full of party tracks that are perfect for the spring season that is setting upon us now. It is a fun album with a lot of pep and uplifting messages. I love the fresh sounds of “You Found Me,” with its infections chorus and upbeat soundtrack, one that gets your body moving and your spirits up.

They still know how to slow it down too and really hit you in the heart. For instance, “Even If.” This is my favorite track on the whole album. It is a more laid-back song musically, but the message is so powerful. I love how it pulls in the old hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul.” It further reinforces the power of an unshakable faith.

Another song that stuck out to me is “We Win.” It is one of those reassuring songs that remind you that you can trust God no matter what our circumstances are, He is in control. “We Win” is a triumphant proclamation of God’s greatness and it leads perfectly into the next song, “Happy Dance.” We can celebrate and dance for joy as we worship without worrying about what people will think. To paraphrase, “it isn’t how you move, but who moves you.”

Overall, the new album, “Lifer,” is a positive addition to their already deep repertoire. The first single, “Even If” has already landed at #2 on the “Billboard – Hot Christian Songs” chart so you have undoubtedly been hearing this on Christian radio if you are tuned-in.

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– Ken W.

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