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The greatest quality of “Starlight” is that it was recorded live and it includes the spontaneity of live worship. The band features an all-female led team with multiple worship leader including Francesca Battistelli. Thus leads to the second point that I like about “Starlight,” and that while it includes some high-profile names, the focus is not on them as much as it on worshiping God. The women lead as a team and not a bunch of individuals looking for the spotlight.

As I mentioned, I particularly like the free flowing nature of the album and that is prevalent on the track “Breath.” It is a good reminder of whom we are to be worshiping and why it is so important to offer our worship in respect of what we receive. A few other favorites include, “King of My Heart,” “Catch the Wind,” and “You Came.” Over all “Starlight” is more of a worship experience than an album. You can feel the tension of the moment and the heart of the artist.

For more on Bethel Music and the latest release, “Starlight, check out You should also take note of the fact that the chord charts for all of the songs are also available on the website.

– Ken W.

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