Iron Bell Music – God That Saves

Iron Bell Music
God That Saves

The title and the cover say so much about this album, as it comes from the hearts of the writers who have experienced great depths of anguish. The depths of which only an amazing God could you pull you out of and help you rise above. Those experiences translate into song on “God That Saves.” The title track speaks of being “rescued” and “grace,” two of the strongest characters of a God that cares for His people. Their debut project contains 11 new songs recorded live at one of their favorite venues known as “the barn.” The live recording gives it a more personal feeling that I like in a worship album. I can more easily connect to songs that I hear coming more from the heart than the console. I think with the personal testimonies and the apt ability to write and create vertical worship, Iron Bell Music has a favorable ministry in front of them. For more on Iron Bell Music check out and in the meantime be listening for the title track as it is already spinning up the charts.

– Ken W.

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