Tauren Wells – Hills and Valleys

Tauren Wells
Hills and Valleys
Reunion Records

I was not familiar with Tauren by name, but I was familiar with his former group Royal Tailor. This may be because I am not so inclined to bend a serious ear towards R&B However, from what I have read, and experienced now for myself, Tauren has earned accolades and respect from his musical abilities and thus “Hills and Valley’s” has been quite impressive for an R&B novice.

I am most impressed with the message; “Love is Action,” “Undefeated” and “Known” are just a few of the standouts with core gospel messages delivered with an array of musical styles. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the more upbeat songs like “Undefeated” and “All About You,” and at the same time, drawn in closer to heart by “Known” and “God’s Not Done With You.” A well-rounded album. The album also includes a remake of “September,” which all my children knew thanks to the Trolls movie.

Another interested bit, is the fact that Tauren will be touring with Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey this summer. And then next fall he will be out with Skillet (Air 1 Positive Hits Tour). There says a lot about how well received he is personally, in both a secular and Christian market. For more on “Hills and Valleys,” check out Tauren’s official website at

– Ken W.