Natasha Owens – We Will Rise

Natasha Owens
We Will Rise
Maharlow Records

Released this past summer (2017), Owens’ debut album “We Will Rise” was, in my opinion, one of the timeliest releases this past year. While the content and spirit of the album arose from own struggles and tragedies, it came at a time when the nation needed to hear some encouraging words. Post release, there were an unprecedented number of natural disasters and man-made tragedies and through it all Owens’ message of hope in Christ reverberated strongly. As I listen to the song “Safe,” it reminds me that while the world may seem out of control, God is in control and He will never forsake me. It is an incredibly tender song with such a reassuring message. If you bookend that with the title track, “We Will Rise,” you have a complete assurance that in the end, God will redeem those who cling to Him and proclaim the name of Jesus.  What an incredibly encouraging message.

– Ken W.

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Jeremy Camp – The Answer

Jeremy Camp
The Answer

“The Answer” is Camp’s latest release in a long line of recognized accomplishments. With an incredible record of 38 No. 1 hits on the charts, it is important to note that “The Answer,” is not just a chart seeking project. Indeed not, the message of the entire album hinges around proclaiming the name of Jesus. He sings of his own personal challenges on “Never Stopped Loving,” a central song on the album and his personal testimony (in my opinion). On “Carriers,” Camp sings of the great commission as a call to action for the listeners. The title track, “The Answer,” decrees the character of Jesus and affirms what God’s word reveals to us. Overall, the message is on point and Camp’s means of delivery are spot on as usual. “The Answer” is an amazing outcome of reflection and worship.

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– Ken W.