Audrey Assad – Evergreen

Audrey Assad
Fortunate Fall Records / Tone Tree Music

The fully-new project, “Evergreen,” is the first such endeavor for about four years from singer/songwriter Audrey Assad. In a day when people may be more apt to purchase a single or two, I am impressed at how much Assad has put into this project. While it is only a couple tracks longer than an average album, it feels like so much more. Mostly because of the depth of the themes and songs on “Evergreen.” I am simply entranced by her voice and the masterful soundtrack on songs like “Immanuel’s Land” and “Deliverer.” The added twist of Celtic on “Wounded Healer” also shows how well she can stretch her musical palate. Overall, “Evergreen” is one of those projects were a simple single or two are just not enough. There is both stillness and joy in the lyrics which leads to reflective worship. Simply Beautiful.

– Ken W.

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