Jordan Feliz – Future

Jordan Feliz
Centricity Music

The new album from Jordan Feliz is a worship party with dancing on the “Streets of Gold” and through the “Pages” of God’s grand plan. It sings of miracles and lives changed in 1989, leading to praises for a God that is with us “All Along.” The significance of a live saved by grace is further decreed in “Changed” and then humbly, earnestly, and melodiously proclaimed in “180.” This last one, “180,” is a song that has made me reflect too on how significant life has changed since my own rebirth. It’s a heartfelt song of running to a God that meets you where you are and waits to bring you back to His arms. All together, “Future” is a powerful new project with some very personal and reflective songs of worship set to an upbeat and joyful soundtrack. It’s a personal testimony many of us can relate to.

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– Ken W.

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