Christafari – Original Love

Original Love
Lion of Zion Entertainment

For many years now, Chistafari has been releasing edifying, Christ-centered, and entertaining Reggae style music. Their latest, “Original Love,” exemplifies what it means to live as you speak (or sing in this case). The music is just one part of their ministry focus, a tool in their arsenal of collective talents that have culminated in a worldwide mission. It is all well documented on their website.

The new music is fresh and upbeat, although, I never thought I would want to hear another rendition of “Good Good Father.” However, they have proven me wrong. You will also recognize “Beautiful Name,” which has been eloquently rerecorded with their signature style. When it comes to the originals, I was really drawn in by “Aloha Ke Akua” (God Is Love), and the same can be said of “Surely Goodness.”

Their musicianship and uplifting lyrics are refreshing. Overall, Christafari shows no signs of slowing down and it is really encouraging to see how they have wrapped their musical talents in such a missional way. Check out for more information on the band and “Original Love.”

– Ken W.

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