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for King & Country
Burn the Ships
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“Burn the Ships” is the third release from the critically acclaimed duo known as ‘for King & Country.” From my perspective, the duo has hit it off so well with their past two releases it is hard to believe this is only their third album. Their style of up-tempo pop and lyrical inspiration have propelled them to pop-sensation rapidly. I would say that songs like their lead single, “joy,” and the rhythmic “God Only Knows,” and the progressive “Amen” on their latest release is likely to reinforce that prominence even further.

I read what they had to say about the title and thought that it was interesting;

“Years ago, we learned about an explorer who arrived in a foreign land with his ships and men,” Joel explains. “After they proved too afraid to explore the new territory, the explorer called his men to shore and ordered them to ‘burn the ships,’ so they could only move forward. So many of us are bound by shame and guilt from our pasts, but there’s hope! Let’s step into a new day together as we share with you our journey, Burn the Ships.”

Additionally, when I listen to the whole album I am also drawn to the more tender side on songs like “Need You More” and “Control.” These are songs that go beyond snappy soundtracks and infections choruses.

Overall, “Burn the Ships” is a well-rounded release that exhibits maturity typically found in more veteran artist. For more information on for King & Country or “Burn the Ships” check out their official website at

– Ken W.

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