David Dunn – Star

David Dunn – Star
BEC Recordings

This 5 song EP consists of 3 covers and 2 originals all with a very “minimalistic” but creative sound. The songs could easily stand alone with David’s voice and the accompanying piano and/or guitar, but the more programed sounding layers do add some enjoyable elements. For instance, on “Oh Come All Ye Faithful,” the accompanying soundtrack gives it an airier, progressive-pop sound rather than the traditional vocal style. It’s a rather cool and respectful rendition of a classic. The two originals included on the album are “Snowflake” and “Star.” The later, “Star,” is purportedly inspired by the traditional “We Three Kings.”

According to Dunn, “Star is a song inspired by the traditional Christmas song, We Three Kings. I was trying to dig deeper into the minds of these ancient astrologers and try to see the star’s appearance through their eyes. What they would have felt, how they would they have reacted, and what they have thought when the star lead them to a dirty smelly cave (stable).”

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