Matt Maher – The Advent of Christmas

Matt Maher – The Advent of Christmas
Essence Records

This is a bit of an elaborate project and it has a mix of traditional holiday music and more thematic songs of the Savior. The album starts with “Gabriel’s Song,” an emotive reflection of the birth of Christ as it was conveyed through the angel Gabriel. Further on Maher switches gear and gets more traditional with a jazzy “Jingle Bells.” The album swings back and forth like this through a total of 13 songs and near 50 minutes of music. Overall, Maher’s desire was to weave the theme of Advent throughout this project.

“From the very beginning and through the history of Christianity, the season of Advent has been a way of remembering (more fully) the mystery of God becoming human. Long before the Macy’s Day Parade, red Starbucks cups and The Elf on a Shelf, Christians marked the passage of time in the four weeks before Christmas by remembering and embracing the sense of anticipation around the arrival of the promised Messiah; to prepare for the coming of Jesus.

Overall, “The Advent of Christmas” is probably one of the most elaborate and in-depth new releases this season. For more on this new album check out Matt Maher’s official website at

– Ken W.

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