Great Comfort Records

At one point in my reviewing career this would have been close to what I would call “alternative.”  It was a style that was unique and not so mainstream and then suddenly it became popular and overly replicated, at least until the average radio format (income generating) pushed out just about everything unique from the market.  There seems to be a positive tread though breaking out of that standard format and back to the more artistically creative sounds similar to Hallowell. 

The subdued vocal tones and atmospheric soundtrack enhance a reflective state where one can focus on the lyrical content of the songs.  They describe it as “modern sacred” as a style and I think that is quite fitting.  The themes and lyrics are like that of a classic poem or hymn with an alternative/modern sound.  All in all it is very pleasing to listen to.  If it is something you might find interesting the whole project is available on Band Camp for $8.00 (  For a good sample I would suggest listing to “Come Unto Me Ye Weary,” “Soul, Adorn Yourself with Gladness,” and “Greenland.”  I think you will find it all very unique and interesting. 

To learn more of Hallowell check out either or  I think too you’ll find even more distinctively creative artists and projects on the label page as well.

  • Ken W.  

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