Imari Tones – Overture

Imari Tones

Imari Tones


The most interesting thing about this album is the fact that is entirely in Japanese. It’s not the first CD I have reviewed for the band so I wasn’t too worried that I could not understand a lick of the lyrics, but I can understand the guitar “licks!”  I have also been following their YouTube channel as well ( so I am aware that this a very pivotal album both because it was recorded completely in their home language, but also because it is to be their last album with the original line up.  The band continues to practice and play, and I believe there are plans to continue recording. 

If you’re interested you can check out their band camp site and preview “Overture,” or any of their other many releases.  You really don’t have to be fluent in Japanese to enjoy the throwback 80’s glam rock soundtrack or the more acoustic and poetic sounds of “Kotoba.”  I also have other reviews that you can peruse.

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