Phil and Rex – Illumination

Phil and Rex

Phil and Rex



Phil Keaggy and Rex Paul Schnellle joined forces to produce a monumental project.  The new songs include some previous releases from Keaggy, but redone Phil and Rex style.  The rest of the album is full of collaborations primarily from Phil and Rex (and a couple extra friends).  Rex adds a lot to the project by recording guitars, vocals, bass, drums and keyboards.  He also produced and mixed the final songs.  There’s an incredible amount of talent behind this project. 

The opener, “Don’t Hold Back” is a smooth, catchy piece about serving others as Jesus had modeled.  Right off the bat the first track has a perfect amount of guitar work too.  The same flair can be found all throughout the project, but I particularly like “Time,” and the piano led “Let Everything Else Go.”  One of my favorite Keaggy originals is “Full Circle.”  The remake is quite refreshing, and the guitar leads do not disappoint either.

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