Falcone Rising

Falcone Rising
Creative Soul Records

Right from the start, “Falcone Rising” had me hooked with its classic Christian rock attitude. It takes me back to the awesome ‘80’s – ‘90’s garage band rock like Whitecross or Stryper. A straight up gospel message backed up by melodic hooks and punchy guitar riffs. The simplicity of it is lost on today’s overly polished radio singles. Just take for example “I Never Knew You,” a powerful reminder of Matthew 7:13-23 and the penalties of simply going through the motions of your faith and never really having your heart set on Christ. It’s a commanding guitar driven track that speaks volumes.

“Falcone Rising” is John Falcone, a man of man talents – husband, father, and surgeon. At the uncommon age of 38 John declared his personal faith in Christ and set to find an outlet for his newfound life. He found that outlet in music and subsequently “Falcone Rising.”

Aside from the core tracks that are more rock driving, Falcone also uses this outlet to sing a few love songs to his wife. A peppy “A Year Ago Today” and the more tender “A Wedding Song.” Both fine tracks among many others, but again, my leaning is more towards the more rock driven songs like “You Won’t Break Me” and the aforementioned “I Never Knew You.”

You can check out for more on “Falcone Rising” including a detailed track listing with corresponding verses, lyrics and links to either buy or preview the new album.

  • Ken W.

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