Leeland – Better Word


Better Word
Integrity Music

The latest from Leeland, “Better Word,” releases today.  It’s a live worship album and a very welcome return of such incredible talent and heart. 

While I have always enjoyed their more contemporary and mainline worship, I appreciate the live and more “spontaneous” production of “Better Word.”  This format gives you over an hour and a half of uplifting and vertical worship. It’s an overall joyful experience. 

At 15 tracks long it is hard to narrow it down to just a few favorites, but some of the highlights include the title track, “Better Word,” “Wait upon the Lord,” a spontaneous prayer for strength and courage from the Lord, “First Love Fire,” a good reminder of that spark I once had when I first came to know the love of Christ. 

“First Love Fire” is a tear jerker for sure, but it is also an incredible reminder of how I often forget just how much it means to be “in” Christ and not trying to go alone.  Follow that up with “Lead the Way,” and you have a cup filling experience. 

It’s so good to hear from Leeland again.  There’s word of a tour too so check out for more on that and the new release. 

  • Ken