Eyewitness to Crucifixion

Eyewitness to Crucifixion

By Stephen M. Miller

Our Daily Bread Publishing


In college I gained a greater appreciation for history, mostly because I felt like it went from memorizing timelines and into something much more in-depth.  Imaging going from reciting dates of the major events in life to discovering what drew us into those events and how we came through them.  It was that awe and wonder of discovery that peeked my interest in college.  While my college years are long behind me now, I still have that awe and wonder about history.  I love to learn the details of events I have often minimized as “ancient” history.  Aside from the feeling of discovery, you also get a new perspective on life and with today’s lack of perspective on social media it’s important to get realigned occasionally. 

That brings me to “Eyewitness to Crucifixion” finally, what a wonderful piece of perspective this is!  Very soon now we’ll be coming to Easter and the resurrection.  A time when the crucifixion gets a little more attention than usual, and when it’s often drowned out by the happenings of the holiday.  In my experience, any attention given to the resurrection barely gives any perspective to the events that preceded the glorious moment when Christ defeated death and arose from the grave – the crucifixion. 

Reading through “Eyewitness to Crucifixion” helps to put context around this horrific practice and just what Jesus had suffered through on our behalf.  Miller skillfully uses historical accounts outside of the Bible to give the reader a better understanding of the context of crucifixion.  It helps to make it feel more real when you read what scholars and poets of the time had to say about crucifixion.  It also helps to move it beyond the cursory verse or two recited on the occasion and it gives you deeper appreciation of the sacrifice Jesus had made.  Furthermore, Miller’s writing style is easy to follow and engaging.  It was an easy read considering the depth of the content.  I highly recommend supplementing your traditional holiday traditions with a new bit of perspective.     

 Ken W.

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