Michael W. Smith – Still Vol. 1

Still Volume 1

Michael W. Smith

“Still Vol. 1”

Rocketown Records

10 tracks @ 56:12

Grade = A

            In the lead-up to his newest record, Michael W. Smith consistently said that this was the kind of record he and his wife always wanted to make.  What kind of a record is this?

            Don’t expect anything along the lines of “Conversation” or “Great is the Lord.”  However, there are musical clues spread throughout Michael’s career that point in this direction.  There’s “Freedom,” a full-length disk of all instrumental music released in 2000;  and if you purchased the “Worship” disk, you may have received the bonus CD “Devotions,” which features some spoken word material.

            That’s what “Still” is, spoken word and instrumental material.  The spoken word portions are all Bible verses, grouped together in five themes;  Steadfast, Broken, Hope, Shelter and Blessing.  “Hope” features Psalm 51, which brings me back to the communion portion of the old Lutheran liturgy.  Those five tracks are repeated but without the spoken word.

                I’ve been playing this disk nearly every morning while I putter in the kitchen putting breakfast together.  It’s also the accompaniment during morning devotions.  A pretty chill record, it’s the perfect companion for quiet time, prayers, meditation  and a welcome respite from the chaos of living in a COVID world.

            And since this is Volume 1, I’m looking forward to Volume 2.

-Rob Snyder

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