We Are Messengers – God With Us


We Are Messengers
God With Us
Word Records

The four-song EP, “God With Us,” features the “We Are Messengers” signature lofty sounds and Darren Mulligan’s Irish accent. The album is very understated in its presentation and for such a short project, there is so much content to it. As the title suggests, the intent is not to entertain, but to remind the listener that God is with us all the time and that Christmas is just one of the many times we see Christ amongst us;

“At Christmas, we see the love of God take on flesh and bone so that He can be with us, rescue us and heal our brokenness,” explains Darren Mulligan, lead vocalist, We Are Messengers. “God is not removed and distant, but present with us in our humanity. Jesus is God with us.”

“God with Us” is a delightful little project. The closing track says it all, “Christ Our King”! This is a cool little piece with a bit of hip-hop mixed with a traditional holiday soundtrack. It rounds out a very respectable EP overall.

– Ken W.