Wayne Caparas – Gospel Project

One of my favorite things about writing reviews for AlphaOmegaNews are the independent artist that offer to send in their CD’s.  This review was originally posted in September of 2008.


Wayne Caparas

Gospel Project


Grade – B+

Wayne Caparas is a multifaceted artist with experience in singing, songwriting, and acting.  He is also in the professional field of multi-media production and business management at Caparas Media. The Gospel Project is an outreach of Wayne’s desire to teach the Gospel.  He himself has received extensive Biblical training that he is applying as a teacher and speaker as well as a musician.

The album, Gospel Project, is an accumulation of these skills and passions expressed in the form of music.  The CD starts out with a rather cool reggae rhythm on “I Know I Am.”  The base line on this song is kind of groovy and it really helps to make the lyrics flow.  The first song then is followed by a more inspirational sounding track called “Who Do You Say I Am,” telling a story about Jesus’ disciples.  I also liked the traditional spiritual “Life Changer.”  The spiritual chant is a lost art and not often heard on a mainstream CCM project.

The CD also features a handful of guest artist including Quiana Parler on “I Belong,” an amazing feat of vocal virtuosity, and Robert Williams (Saxophones) and Michael Brown (vocals) on “Maybe Maybe, Maybe,” which has more of a blues influence.  Additionally, Wayne’s daughter Amber is also featured on the CD on vocals, specifically on “Caterpillar Dreams,” which kind of has a light jazz wistful sound.

While there is a variety of sounds and styles on the Gospel Project,I believe that the overall appeal would be for the Gospel/Inspirational genre.  I think that the quality of writing, lyrically and musically, demonstrates that Wayne Caparas is a uniquely gifted artist on many levels.

  • Ken W.

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